Our club was founded in the spring 2021 being named SIGNEIGHT(/ˈsɪɡ.neɪt/), a made-up word combining the two words, SIGNATURE and EIGHT. With the "SIGN" part of our name, our hope is that the club and speedskating will always be our club members' signature in their lives. The part "EIGHT" comes from the name of our home Hachinohe, which apparently meant "the 8th ranch" in the old day. Inspired with this name and our coach's background, we came up with eight words that start with 'S' for the concepts of our club when it was launched.

  1. Signature
  2. Sports
  3. Speed
  4. Skate
  5. Science
  6. Shinshu
  7. Star
  8. SDGs

Our Vision

Our home Hachinohe hasn't had a speed skating Olympian since 1988 although speed skating is one of the most popular winter sports here. We are dreaming of sending our skaters to the Olympic games constantly in the future. Our short- and medium-term goal is sending our skaters to the 2030 Winter Olympics and our skaters are working hard towards being selected for the game.

Our Coaching & Training

The training & coaching of SIGNEIGHT is characterized by:

  • Coaching based on science
  • Top-quality on-ice & dryland workout including weight training, high-altitude training and physical fitness test
  • Coaching skaters of all ages in the same way
  • Make our skaters forget about their ages when it comes to competing with each other
  • Having guest lecturers and coaches for special seminars and trainings
  • Holding our own workshops and technical discussions, mainly during a training camp
  • Focusing on team building
  • Promoting our skaters' independence and self-reliance

Our Main Achievement


  • Registered for the Japan Junior Sport Clubs Association
  • One of our skaters was selected for a certified young age athlete for the Japan Skating Federation


  • Received subsidy by the Aomori Sport Association for the international exchange program
  • Held a high altitude training camp subsidized by Aomori Prefectural Board of Education and the Aomori Sport Association
  • One of our skaters was selected for a certified young age athlete for the Japan Skating Federation


Our club is supported by lots of corporate and individual sponsors. Thanks to their support, we are having a great environment and our skaters are able to make progress every day.
We always welcome new sponsors in order to make our club better.


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