Club President & Coach

Yoshinori Kimura

・Authorized sport coach by Japan Sport Association
・Licensed speedskating coach

Having started at the age of 9, the coach Yoshinori has always loved speed skating. He came in 7th place in the men's 1000m race (long track) in the 2008 and 2009 National Sports Festival of Japan, Japan's largest national sports competition. He stayed in being a skater while studying Sports Science and Biomechanics Training at the Shinshu University. Having earned his Bachelor's degree, he had decided to retire from speed skating to become a coach. Then he went on to the graduate school of the university and completed his master's degree majoring in Biomechanics and Coaching. Since the 2016-17 season, he has been coaching junior skaters in Hachinohe. In 2021 he founded SIGNEIGHT and has been the president and coach of the club ever since.


Hiroyuki Jidaisho

Accountant, Assistant Coach

Certified JSPO Start Coach

清川 紘樹のプロフィール写真

Hiroki Kiyokawa

Website Management,
Blogging, Interpreter & Translator,
Assistant Coach

Used to be a speedskater
(during the age of 6 - 12)

Hideo Ogasawara

Assistant Coach

Used to be a speedskater
in the Hachinohe Nishi H.S.