Please also refer to our document submitted to the Aomori Skating Federation.

To Experenced Skater

We wish we could welcome all experenced skaters to our club, but unfortunately we are a small club and can have a limited number of skaters. We would like to talk to you about whether you can join our club coinsidering the current number of our skaters and so on. Please feel free to contact us.

To Begginers

First, please join free lessons that the Aomori Skating Federation holds. Then we recommend comparing all speed skating clubs in Hachinohe. If you still want to join our club, please message us.

Aomori Skating Federation Website

Membership Fees

Income from membership fees is spent for transportation expenses and compensation of the coache, staffs and guest coaches. It is also used for buying speed skating equipment. We also save some for the training camp.

- Elementary School Skaters
Annual registration fee 10,000 yen
Monthly fee 5,000 yen

- Jr High/High School Skaters
Annual registration fee 10,000 yen
Per day fee 500 yen

* Additionally, Jr high/High school skaters will be charged the fees below.
Registration fee for Aomori Skating Federation 1,000 yen per annum

Registration fee for Japan Skating Federation 1,000 yen per annum

Sports insurance fee 1,450 yen per annum